Fish Runs

Fish Runs on the Pitt River

At Fly Fishing Vancouver you will experience some of the best salmon fishing Vancouver has to offer.

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The Pitt River has all five salmon species returning from the ocean and a large population of trout for a year round fishing experience.

Sockeye Salmon:
Sockeye run from July 25th until Sept 15th and peak the 4th of August until the 25th of Aug. The Pitt Sockeye are the largest sockeye in the world with fish over 18 pounds. They stay out in the ocean for 5 years instead of 4 years which most sockeye do. The Pitt sockeye are also some of the strongest fighters beccause the Pitt is so close to the ocean and they don’t waste most of their energy migrating up the Fraser .

King Salmon:
Pitt River King (Chinook) salmon are the most agressive chinook in BC. Pitt River Kings are a non target species but while fishing for sea run bull trout frequently hammer the fly. They run from July 1st to Sept 1st and peak July 20th to Aug 20th and range from 10-40 lbs.

Coho Salmon:
Pitt River coho (Silvers) is the largest run of all wild coho in south western BC. This small river system has runs of 10- 40 thousand return anually with 2010 having been the largest return in history. The fish range from 5 – 20 lbs and because of teh clear water that time of year it is usually sight fishing. The coho run from Sept 20th to Dec 1st with peak time being Sept 25th -nov 15th.

Pink and Chum Salmon:
PInks and Chum run at the same time from Aug 20th to Sept 20th and while they are not a significant run a few fish are always caught.

Sea run Bull Trout and Dolly Varden start returning to the Pitt in late May, running strong through June to the first week in August. This is the largest run of bulltrout and dolly varden in Southwestern BC. These sea run fish are large, up to 4-12 lbs, extremely strong fighters and our guides favorite to catch as they will bend a 7-8 weight rod to its max. We also have year round fishing for Rainbow and Cutthroat Tout.

One of our happy clients about to release a large King Salmon